Costs for domestic care

24h-Haushaltshilfen von Pflegewunder-zuverlässig und günstig.
Ganztagspflege von Pflegewunder-die günstige Alternative zum Seniorenheim.
Holen Sie sich noch heute ein unverbindliches Angebot für eine 24h-Haushaltshilfe.
Eine 24h-Haushaltshilfe von Pflegewunder erledigt für Sie den Haushalt.
Pflegewunder, zuhause leben, wir sorgen und pflegen.
Kinderbetreuung von liebevollen osteuropäischen Betreuerinnen.


The cost of domestic care depends on the quantity and quality of the care and work. The main quality issue is the language skill of the nursing staff, second their education and experience. The quantity is defined by the household size and the expected household services as much as for the needed care services, which are mainly calculated by the care grade of the client. We differ slightly the following care service modells:

Calculation of net costs

The cost aspect is the most important issue for most clients, because the gross salary for a 24/7 caregiver starts from a minimum of 1400€/month . After the deduction of all possibilities for state subsidies and tax effects, as a rule, the net costs of 24/7 home care for the elderly are much lower than is initially assumed.

The net costs can be deducted up to 50% of the gross costs. With only a few given details our online cost calculator computes the expected net cost for your household. Compute the cost for a dometic 24/7 home care .